Nicole Russo

I am confident in me! My passion and desire to make a difference is strong and deep in my heart. I believe this is why I can make a difference in many lives as a nurse case manager.

  • Scholarship:  Emerge Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  Emerge Advisory Board Members

A mother struggling to make sense of her sons' illness becomes an advocate & inspiration to others. Nicole Russo's empathy & compassion are nurturing gifts to others.

Did Nicole have a vision of the future when she wrote a fifth-grade term paper on nursing and dreamed to be like Florence Nightingale? Lacking a nurturing home and on her own at 16, Nicole managed to graduate junior and senior high school with honors but quickly entered the work force to support herself. When her two sons were diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, Nicole was faced with a myriad of issues and challenges as she navigated the complex medical environment. Her search for knowledge led to volunteering and serving as an advocate for others facing similar situations. Nicole wants to give to others what she had to learn on her own and support them in their journey. Passionate about teaching, she is attending Biola University for her nursing degree

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