Application Submission for 2017 is Now Closed

All applicants will be notified by the 1st of August.

2017 Emerge Scholarships Application Information

Emerge is looking for special scholarship recipients who are Georgia residents and will use this opportunity and the education that they receive to better themselves and to help others around them.

Emerge Scholarships has awarded nearly a half of a million dollars in scholarships since its founding year, 2001. While each year hundreds of applicants apply for the scholarships, we are only able to recognize a small number of winners.
The selection committee is focused on identifying special women who are Georgia residents, non-traditional students and whose education was delayed or interrupted, individuals with a vision to succeed regardless of any obstacles that life has put in their way. We are especially interested in recognizing women who give back to their communities and whose goals and desires for education align with their passions.
This may include women who are returning to school after a hiatus, changing careers, seeking advancement in their career or work life, and stay-at-home moms entering the work place and in need of additional education/training. This scholarship is not intended for recent high school graduates or women who are eligible for or who have already received other significant financial aid.

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

The money provided by the Emerge scholarship may only be used to pay for tuition and fees at the educational institution. The scholarship check will be made out directly to the institution with instructions to only apply the funds to the student's current account to pay for school tuition and fees. If awarded, your scholarship funds will be available as of August 2017 and may be paid towards tuition, books and fees from that time until the summer 2019, or until the full scholarship funds are used.

The exact amount of each scholarship and the total number of scholarships to be awarded will vary from year to year (7 scholarships were awarded in 2016). The approximate value of each award for 2017 will be $2,000 - $5,000 (amount is subject to change).

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