Kimberly Broner

Continuing my education lets me be the best example to my son. I want him to see that with education you can achieve your greatest dreams & reach the highest of heights.

  • Scholarship:  Bennett Thrasher Foundation Scholarship
  • Donor:  Bennett Thrasher Foundation

From bank teller to forensic accountant to financial attorney – Kimberly Broner has her future envisioned!

When she graduated from high school, Kimberly wanted to be a pediatrician. That vision of the future changed when took a job as a bank teller. She discovered how important the banking industry was to a community’s health and she loved being a part of financial services. Not content to build only her own financial knowledge, Kimberly has transferred her banking knowledge to her community. Through her church, she teaches young adults how to balance their checkbooks, as well as why it is important to establish good credit. Earning a 3.6 grade point average in Finance at Purdue University, Kimberly is now set to transfer to Capella University. She hopes to become a forensic financial accountant before going on to obtain her master’s and then Juris Doctorate so that she can practice financial law. She is intent on being an important member of her community and a model for her son.

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