Stephanie Bell

I have overcome great things and never let them overcome me! Now I want to help our Georgia students grow up to be what our country longs for: educated, caring, compassionate, responsible, and respected adults.

  • Scholarship:  Virginia Carter Memorial Scholarship
  • Donor:  Primerica

Creativity, passion, work ethic, leadership and integrity…just a few of the characteristics that are used to describe Stephanie Bell and what she brings to her community service. She is on a quest to learn and make a difference.

Stephanie has faced a severe speech impediment, an estranged family, loss of a child, divorce, and putting dreams on hold to care for her loved ones. That didn’t stop her. While in high school and caring for her grandmother with Alzheimer’s, Stephanie was still able to maintain a GPA of 3.46. In spite of the challenges, she believes that her life is not pre-destined and the path to success is hers to choose! Graduating from college provides her with the credentials to earn more, better provide for her six children, and be an example for them as well as to the students with whom she works. Seeking a B.S. in Marketing Management, Stephanie’s public relations skills and ability to engage others contributed to her selection as a presenter at the first Georgia Family Engagement Conference.

Empower a Woman

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