Kayte Thomas

Continuing my education means I can give my children the life they deserve and that I can follow my passion to be a trailblazer in social justice.

Currently in her final year of studies for a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Meredith College, Dean’s List scholar Kayte has already made a positive difference in the community. Shortly after earning her associate degree, Kayte’s education was put on hold when her first child was born with intestines outside her body (gastroschisis). Later, when her husband left her and their two children, this stay-at-home mother found herself with “no money, no job, and no credit” and went back to school simply to provide for her children. Instead she found her calling to make the world a better place. Her volunteer work and leadership with a foundation dealing with gastroschisis has propelled this former ice skating instructor to serve as an inspiring global advocate.

Empower a Woman

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