Sarah Jackson

As I climb my mountain, I know I cannot do it alone. So many people continue to make a difference in my life during this journey.

  • Scholarship:  Bennett Thrasher Foundation Scholarship
  • Donor:  Bennett Thrasher Foundation
  • School:  Southern Polytechnic State University
  • Degree:  Master of Science in Accounting

On her way to moving mountains

For those who are witness to Sarah Jackson's life, it is no surprise that she was asked to give the graduate reflection speech at her undergraduate commencement or that she successfully advocated for state law changes in childcare assistance. Sarah's compassion and composure through hardships is a model for many.

Raised by her grandmother, who understood the value and importance of education, Sarah never forgot her words of encouragement. After returning to college in 2008, things were going well until Sarah's life took a drastic turn. In 2011 Sarah and her four daughters became homeless and went to live in a shelter. This didn't deter Sarah in her quest because she knew that education was key to financial stability.

Beginning work on her Masters, Sarah hopes to become a CPA with a focus on the non-profit advocacy sector to support development of sustainable communities for single mothers.


Empower a Woman

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