Mary Hill

Knowing that you are making a difference in someone's life is the best reward overall. Even better is seeing the people you helped willing to help the next person.

  • Scholarship:  Emerge Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  Lisa Senters McDermott
  • School:  Grand Canyon University
  • Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Creating a legacy of learning & financial stability

Imagine having five children of your own and then taking on responsibility for five nieces and nephews! That is exactly what Mary Hill manages in addition to going to college full time. Her father died when she was only fifteen and she had to step up to the plate and help care for her three younger siblings. Serving as a caregiver is not new to Mary since she cared for her partially paralyzed Mother, who could not read or write English, and an invalid sister until their deaths in 2011. Undaunted by a family of ten children ranging in ages from three to eighteen years, Mary has been able to keep the children out of the system and together. Her generosity goes beyond the home and her kindness earned her the title "Angel" from students she has assisted.

Experiencing the financial demands of her own family, Mary hopes to start a nonprofit to help single parents and children better manage living skills. Obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Accounting sets the stage for becoming a certified public accountant.


Empower a Woman

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