Kathleen Gerber

Kathleen Gerber stated that she "spent the last 28 years trying to right the biggest wrong that I made - quitting high school and not getting a college education." She worked as a social worker for 13 years helping both adults and adolescent addicts. As a social worker she created substance abuse treatment programs that are still being used in treatment centers today. She had to give up her career when she gave birth to two special needs children. Once her sons were old enough she started a cleaning company (with no financing and no vehicle of her own) that she kept for 10 years. She had to sell her successful business when she was diagnosed with spinal MS and could no longer physically do the work. Instead of giving up she started another business called Rentingdvds.com but was put out of business by the advent of Netflix. After taking several menial labor jobs she once again bounced back by starting a nonprofit program called Crossroads to the Future that aids at-risk youth and nonviolent first offenders. She mentors inmates in prison and tutors at risk youth, helping with GED and vocational training. In 1997- Who's Who of Professional Women. In 2004 she was the recipient of the Community Star Award from Channel 3 News. In 2005 Kathleen served on the Chesapeake commission on substance abuse. 2005- Who's Who of American Business Women. Kathleen is currently working on her Associates Degree at Strayer University where she plans to continue on to Law School to ultimately practice Arbitration and Contractual Law. Kathleen believes that once she graduates educational wrong will finally be made right.

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