Emily Gemmell

Emily Gemmell had practiced as a Certified Professional Midwife for 7 years until she left her career to stay home with her daughter, Eva, who was born with a fatal genetic syndrome (ARC). Emily gave up her practice at a well-known Birth Center and her husband worked the very minimum he could so that they could stay home to care for baby Eva and son Elijah. Emily cared for her 3 year old son and her daughter at home until her daughter died at the age of 7 months. Emily and her husband discovered they are both carriers for ARC syndrome and have a significant chance of having another ARC baby should they conceive again. Emily says that she went through an intense period of grief over the loss of her daughter but also the loss of her identity; She was no longer a practicing midwife and the chance of having more healthy children looked slim at best. But recently she has begun to laugh and dream again. Emily is seeking to continue her education in Nurse-midwifery, Public Health or Medicine. Since Emily's education has been from a nontraditional, non-accredited Midwifery College none of her credits were transferable to an accredited institution although she has significant clinical experience. Going back to school has given Emily a renewed energy and purpose. She believes her experience as a midwife and a mother, the survivor of a child's death and as the recipient of horrific and indifferent medical care gives her a unique perspective to bring to healthcare. Emily has served on the Board of Directors of the non-profit National College of Midwifery. She has also provided volunteer hospice care for a 3 year old boy with a terminal illness.

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