Anne Gonzalez

I will be the voice of those who do not have one or who are afraid to use theirs. I will advocate for equity for all human beings.

  • Scholarship:  Bennett Thrasher Foundation Scholarship
  • Donor:  The Bennett Thrasher Foundation
  • School:  Dalton State College
  • Degree:  Bachelor of Social Work

Creating ripples of change on her life's path

Anne Gonzalez knows what it means to overcome challenges. A survivor of laryngeal cancer, divorce, and single motherhood, Anne faces "obstacles in life with grace and overcomes through perseverance and determination." Following her cancer diagnosis and anticipating multiple surgeries, Anne dedicated herself to pursuing her dream of finishing her education and giving back to change the world!

Anne is at the top of her class and hasn't missed a day of school in spite of her multiple surgeries. Her own recovery has been a catalyst for mentoring other women – whether offering a place to stay, helping apply for support programs, or just being a friend to listen. She offers up her own life lessons to make these women stronger. This passionate advocacy provides the foundation for the change Anne wants to make. She believes that addressing even one person's needs creates a ripple that moves from one to a family then to a community and to the world. Her degree in social work is within reach and her dream becomes a reality.

Empower a Woman

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