Melody Daniell

Ms. Daniell's heritage includes paternal and maternal grandmothers, who were Alutiiq and Aleut respectively. She was born in Alaska while it was still a territory and both of her parents were rural working people. Ms. Daniell was apprenticed at the age of 14 to be a finish tailor and worked in garment construction for many years. She has worked at many other trades including cooking, bartending, crab cannery, heavy construction, commercial fishing, commercial driver and EMT. As a single woman without any formal education, Ms. Daniell had to master many occupations to remain employed. Today, she teaches staff emergency first responder care (CPR & First Aid) and Defensive Driving. She is also very proud to be of Alutiiq/Aleut descent and very proud of her three children and nine grandchildren who continue to inspire her work in many beautiful ways. Ms. Daniell looks forward to returning to school to pursue her medical education and eventually return home to the Homer, Alaska area to serve her community.

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