Patricia Clark

I would love to look back over my life and see that my education has inspired or helped someone else. I want to be remembered as a person who showed compassion and used her education to help others.

  • Scholarship:  Mary Allen Lindsey Branon Foundation Scholarship
  • Donor:  Mary Allen Lindsey
  • School:  University of Georgia
  • Degree:  Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

A shinning star whose sweet spirit & giant heart are combined with brains & empathy

With dreams of becoming the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree, Patricia credits her grandmother, a teacher, for nurturing her love of education.  Patricia recalls frequent visits to the library and exploring shelves of books at home. Her two younger sisters were a reminder of why she persevered in her pursuit of education even though circumstances often slowed the journey.

Patricia knows what it feels like to struggle, to feel abandoned, and to worry about surviving week to week.  She believes these hardships have equipped her with the compassion to reach out to others. She desires the knowledge to critically think about the social problems people face and work to find solutions.

Told that the statistics of making it in college were aligned against her, Patricia recounts her Mother teaching her that she is not a statistic and could accomplish whatever she set her mind to. Whether you call it stubborn or head strong, Patricia is determined to finish her education. With graduation in 2014, Patricia will be prepared to advocate for others and explore her life’s work. 

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