Latrice Ware

I have always had an innate passion to help others and to the best of my ability open doors for them.

  • Scholarship:  Ann Lauer Kennedy Scholarship
  • Donor:  Pannonius Foundation in honor of Ann Lauer Kennedy
  • School:  Northern Virginia Community College
  • Degree:  Associate of Science

Intent on fostering success for others

It is difficult to imagine that this accomplished leader grew up in foster care, was a high school dropout, has been homeless, and even lost her daughter to the very foster care system she had come from. Latrice rose above these circumstances and went on to get her GED, regain custody of her daughter and find full time work. With strength of character and extraordinary selflessness, Latrice channeled her experiences into a vision of change.

With the help of a partner at her firm, Latrice launched the Youth Business Initiative in 2007 and became the full-time executive director. Latrice has helped countless young people, who have grown up in foster care, achieve a college education. While fulfilling the dream of an education for others, Latrice, a mother of three, sacrificed her own desire for a degree. Recognizing that a degree provides credentials important in advocacy and policy change, Latrice is committed to her studies and aspires to a Masters in Public Policy. The day will come when Latrice, like her students, will walk across that stage to receive her own diploma.


Empower a Woman

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