Cary Reed

I am catapulted into saving mountains & moving them in my own life. All the pain, suffering, stretching & yearning has carried me to this goal of completing my education.

  • Scholarship:  Spanx Foundation Scholarship
  • Donor:  Spanx Foundation
  • School:  Lesley University
  • Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Expressive Art Therapy

Mountain resilience & determination fuel this artist

Surviving a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and battling depression, Cary Reed does her native Appalachian heritage proud with her goal to give back. Overcoming the frustrations, setbacks, and challenges of TBI has only increased Cary's determination to be a beacon of light. Her experience of rehabilitation and recovery has inspired her to help others rise above their challenges. She knows well the mental and social empowerment education brings and is determined to apply her talents to move mountains!

Cary wants to serve as an expressive art therapist and work with communities in rural Appalachia where there are many physical and emotional afflictions to overcome. Her life lessons provide her with compassion and earnestness to influence change. She aspires to lead a mental health organization focused on helping those who are neglected and abused by big industry. She is described as an activist-scholar who has leveraged her passion to convince her Federal Congressional Representative to co-sponsor the Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act.


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