Nicoletta Brown

I want to show my 4 children that they can do and be anything they want to be…when obstacles present themselves, continue to follow your dreams.

  • Scholarship:  Emerge Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  Domino's Pizza
  • School:  Maryland Institute of Art
  • Degree:  Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary Sculpture Major)

This proud Panamanian’s compassion & artistic excellence heal the world!

Physically and emotionally abused as a child, Nicoletta survived a violent and broken home life by escaping into her sketchbook where she created freedom and whimsy.  After she was removed from her home, Nicoletta used her art as a means for healing.

Nicoletta deeply understands how children can find their “voice” through creative expression. She uses her artistic talents to support and promote compassion and as a vehicle for impacting the lives of underserved and minority youth. Founder of “Art Antidote”, which provides art therapy and healing public art installations, Nicoletta’s numerous commissions and honors reflect the positive energy she generates.

Her near fatal blood infection in 2011 and subsequent job layoff could have derailed this wife, primary breadwinner, and mother of four, but not so for Nicoletta! This Baltimore resident is on track to finish her degree and become a licensed art therapist. 

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