About Us

For nearly a decade, Emerge has empowered 100 women through education by providing more than $500,000 in academic scholarships. These educational experiences, combined with encouragement and support provided by Emerge volunteers give these women the opportunity to advance professionally and become self-sufficient for not only themselves but also for their families and their communities.

Emerge Scholarships was founded in 2001 and was granted 501(c)(3) status in the spring of 2002. Emerge supports deserving Georgia women who have demonstrated a deep commitment to reaching their educational goals and who are giving back to their communities. Through the scholarships granted, women are able to realize their dreams and generate ripples of change in our world. We actively seek scholarship applicants who have come to understand that education is key to attaining their goals in life. We know that by educating a woman, we educate a family. Collectively those women and families make great positive impact on their communities. Emerge begins a "ripple effect" that grows immeasurably with each new scholarship award.


Empower a Woman

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