Kathleen Mosby

I want to leave a legacy for my daughter and my grandchildren. I want to give back to my community. I can encourage others to not stop but to keep pressing forward until you have achieved your goal. I am now reaching for the stars!

  • Scholarship:  Ferguson Family Scholarship
  • Donor:  Emerge Advisory Board Member Dave Ferguson

Described as a beautiful personality with a sense of humor to match, and having the energy and creative spirit that attract and keep the attention of children, Kathleen Mosby can be counted on to make learning fun.

Kathleen Mosby’s educational journey has been dramatically interrupted several times – including the tragedy of her husband murdering their youngest daughter and then his suicide. Suddenly the breadwinner and sole supporter for her 16-year-old daughter, Kathleen found a job at a collection agency, but ends were still hard to meet. She was determined to climb out of the rut by returning to school. Today she is less than 40 hours from finishing her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education at the University of Cincinnati and has a five-year plan in place to achieve her personal goals. A lifetime member of the Girl Scouts of America, Kathleen mentors young girls on basic life skills. Author of “Early Winter and Hope of Spring,” Kathleen knows her story can be an example and an encouragement for others.

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