Irlene Mendez-Lewery

Difficult life circumstances led me to test out of high school for my GED. Had I not been determined to succeed, my life could have taken a turn for the absolute worse.

  • Scholarship:  Emerge Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  In honor of all Emerge Volunteers

Caring for veterans returning from war, Irlene Mendez-Lewery is characterized by her employers as “inspiring,” “sensitive,” “empathic,” and an important asset to the team at New York Harbor Veterans Hospital.

You want this woman on your side! Irlene was raised in the tough streets of the Bronx and recognized early that education was key to her future. Through scholarship assistance, Irlene became a licensed practical nurse while also holding down the 24/7 job of being a single mother of three and paying a mortgage in New York City. Undaunted by the demand, Irlene spends her days caring for the young men and women veterans who are struggling with injuries, depression, and homelessness. After work, she goes to school motivated by the belief that becoming a registered nurse will enhance the experience she has acquired as an LPN over the last 12 years and allow her talents to better serve our veterans. Irlene is participating in the LPN to RN FastTrack Program at Bronx Community College.

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