Constance (Connie) McMillan

Continuing my education has had a ripple effect that I hope to send out as far as I can, touching as many people, young and old, as I can. I want to tell the story of how far I have come. I want to inspire others who have fallen to get up, dust themselves off and start anew.

  • Scholarship:  Laura Snyder Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  In honor of Chair Laura Snyder

A determined and driven individual, Connie McMillan is a consummate professional who understands that people are the most important asset any company can have.

You might be surprised to know that this polished woman, with an associate’s degree in business administration and 25 years work experience, found herself laid off and forced to live with her son in a car. Depressed, dejected and feeling like nothing good would happen, Connie moved back home. But she had never been a quitter, had a strong will to succeed and wasn’t going to give up. She knew it was time to take her education to the next level. Enrolled as a candidate in the Associate of Applied Science Human Resources program at Bryant and Stratton College, Connie has achieved perfect attendance, the Dean’s List, and a perfect 4.0 average. She bubbles with pride that she has inspired her daughter to obtain her master’s degree, and her son aspires to a doctorate in orchestral music. Connie has the will to better herself so she is a help to her family and her community.

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