Aimee Barrett-Battle

Education is the key to any dream. As a social worker, I will have the opportunity to light the fire of passion for life. I want to heal the wounded souls.

  • Scholarship:  Ann Lauer Kennedy Scholarship
  • Donor:  Pannonius Foundation

Aimee Barrett-Battle knows that you can achieve anything if you continue to strive for it. Meet Aimee and you’ll feel the inner fire that fuels her hopes and warms the hearts of those who know her.

Reading at the age of three, Aimee clearly had the potential for great success, but she found herself “dumbing down” in order to fit into her challenging world of family separations and difficulties. The down spiral included dropping out of school, getting pregnant, becoming involved with drugs, and even walking the streets for a living. The “Fresh Start Program” got her back on track. The mentoring of two social workers had a phenomenal impact on her life and ignited a fire that sent her back to college. Today she is an honor student at Tidewater Community College, plans to attend Norfolk State University for her Master of Social Work, and is active in her mission to be a role model for at-risk youth. Even more important to Aimee is showing her children that you can fall, but get back up!

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