Maureen Moscoso

My son is the most important to me and I am finishing college to become a role model for him. I want him to take what has happened to us as a positive sign to move forward and learn to take control of our own lives.

Escaping from domestic violence, seriously depressed and financially struggling, single mother Maureen found resources at an emergency shelter that helped change her life. Work/life balance takes on new meaning when you are living in a shelter, carrying a full course load, caring for a son, and working two part time jobs. Today, Maureen’s five-year plan has her receiving her associate degree in automotive engineering this Spring before achieving her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Founding member of “Heart Wrenchers”, she helps recruit and support other women to enter the automotive industry. She initiated a car care clinic to provide low cost car repairs to financially disadvantaged families. No surprise that Maureen received “Most Inspirational Award” from her Automotive Technology Club peers!

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