Tiera Briggs

Continuing my education will allow me to get a better job, where we can live more comfortably, and I can give my children the things they deserve.

After enduring domestic violence as a child and living in a battered women’s shelter with her mother and sister, Tiera found herself pregnant at 14. Far from ending her quest for learning, she went on to graduate from high school and then enrolled in college. Tiera had attended a high school career camp for gifted students and was introduced to emergency medicine and it sparked her desire to pursue pre-med. Financial constraints forced her return home from college, but she persevered, going to paramedic school and then serving as a paramedic for six years. Today Tiera has “two of the greatest children you can imagine” and is enrolled in the School of Health and Human Services to pursue a degree in allied heath and certification as a physician’s assistant.

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