Mallory Patterson

Learning how to address not only the effects that the structure of society has on people, but also the root cause of social problems is one of the most valuable accomplishments higher education has afforded me.

Mallory has emerged from a culture of struggle – in a family with a single mother raising three children, one with a severe disability – resolving early on to seek college as the outlet to success. Delayed in her start by her mother’s aneurysm and the need to be her home nurse, as well as acting head of the household, Mallory faced further delay when she became pregnant in her first semester of college. As a caregiver, a single mother, and a student working two jobs, Mallory tackled tough issues – gaining unique insights from the strife of her own life. Thriving as a life-long learner, Mallory seeks a bachelor’s degree in sociology to create educational reform so that at-risk and disadvantaged students have equal opportunities to succeed and prosper in life.

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