Erika Abelard

Completing my degree will create a financial springboard from which I will be able to accomplish great things – affording me the ease of mind to care for my daughters' many needs...and to share my understanding of computers and love of art to inspire our youth.

Erika embodies the “blind courage” that her grandmother modeled over forty years ago with her immigration to the US from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Erika’s grandmother went on to start a nonprofit for homeless youth in Haiti – an organization that provided Erika with unique work experiences, and also created a burning desire to groom youth for leadership. Blending her creative skills with the power of information and the wisdom of knowledge, this highly-focused and energized woman seeks a degree in Management of Information Systems. As a single mother raising two young daughters, as a daughter caring for her mother and grandmother, and as an entrepreneur running a home-based photography business, Erika is powerfully motivated by her need to be relevant and contribute something to the world.

Empower a Woman

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