Christine Hernandez-DeLaMotte

Although it has taken me 30 years to get here, I would not trade the struggles and triumphs that have been my life up until now for they have made me who I am.

Listen to Christine – the dreams of a child can be realized, even if it is against all odds! Consider that she left home at 14, dropped out of school in ninth grade, became pregnant at 16, and was married with two children at 18. But Christine had been a good student, and had learned much dealing with a mother afflicted with depression and drinking. Her children are grown, the husband is long gone, the GED was received in 2009, and this past December Christine earned her associates degree in human services/addictive studies. Her childhood love of the word “psychiatrist” has gained substance, and obtaining her bachelor’s degree in psychology is a dream within her grasp. Recognized with the “Beacon of Light” award and “Student Humanitarian Award”, Christine understands what it takes to realize a dream.

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