Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

I want to complete a calling of service to individuals that often times fall through the cracks of society – the poor, handicapped, seniors, children with special needs and the terminally ill. For me it is not just a goal; it is my mission.

Khadijah has given the gift of learning and personal power to her children – her eldest daughter has a B.S. in Biology, her son will be a freshman later this year seeking a B.S. in Computer Engineering and her youngest daughter is an honors sophomore in high school. Quite a significant gift of influence from a woman who had lived in constant fear of domestic abuse and whose personal depression had so negatively affected her health that she had ballooned to over 500 pounds. How did she do it? To start, Khadijah made a list of things that were required to provide a safe, secure life for her children, and education was a requirement. With a goal to obtain a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and then a law degree, Khadijah has transformed herself from a client of Atlanta Legal Aid to becoming a member of the organization’s Board of Directors!

Empower a Woman

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