Tracey Thompson

My children have watched my struggles and my new accomplishments and know now that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

This mother of two survived her first husband’s suicide and an attempted murder by her second husband while living in Argentina. Tracey was left with third degree burns to 40% of her body and head trauma from his hammer. After six months in the hospital and eight months of physical therapy, Tracey enrolled at Weber State University. Dressed in a full body suit, she began college with a double major: Nursing and Spanish. Tracey has had over 170 surgeries in the past two years and shares her story with criminal justice classes on campus. She volunteers at Bridges to Life, a restorative justice program that helps inmates in their rehabilitation back to society. Her professor states, “I am amazed at Tracey and have a very deep respect for her will to succeed. She is truly an inspiration.

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