Margie Riley

I know this degree will change not only my life, but the lives of others as well.

Growing up with a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies, Margie raised her two sisters from the time she was 12-years old while having to fight off her mother’s suitors. Unfortunately, her mother eventually committed suicide. Margie went on to have two failed, abusive marriages, three children and an attempt at college more than twenty years ago. Along the way, she discovered the best way to heal was through helping others, especially children. Margie is ready to pursue her degree in Psychology and has been accepted to Southeastern Louisiana University. She would also like to earn a master’s degree in Social Services so she can counsel troubled elementary school kids and volunteer her time to children and family agencies lacking adequate resources. Margie is currently employed as an administrative assistant and volunteers at the local elementary school. She continues to donate to the Atlanta Food Bank and Cobb Christmas.

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