Angelia Neumann

This is my passion. I have overcome many adversities in my life and my desire is to empower youth to do the same.

Continuing my education will give me the skills and confidence I need to work towards creating programs in our community to help at-risk youth.

Despite the struggles of being born to an impoverished teenage mother, Angelia became the first person in her family to go to college. Her college life was shockingly interrupted during her sophomore year when her biological father, whom she had just recently met, was killed by a 12-year old delinquent. Shocked, heartbroken and depressed, Angelia took a break from school, lived with her paternal grandparents (whom she also did not know), and attended the murder trial. Through her newly found family, she learned the power of forgiveness as her paternal grandparents worked to help rehabilitate the 12-year old, who had killed her father. Since that life-altering experience, Angelia has devoted her life to helping others. During the following years, she married, had four children and began volunteering.  She helped teen mothers, ran a youth ministry for over 25 students from her home and provided support to families with children with special needs, serving as a foster parent. She is pursuing a degree in Nonprofit Organization Management and Psychology at Lakeland College. Her dream is to create nonprofit programs that provide aid and support to teen fathers and to families with special needs children.

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