Dianah "Libby" Northcraft

I always want my life to be a light unto the world for God.

At 18 years old, Dianah was looking forward to attending the FBI Academy in Arlington, Virginia. She was accepted to the Academy and her lifelong dream had finally come true. However, driving home the next day with her 16-month old daughter and a friend to spend Christmas in West Virginia, tragedy struck. Dianah’s car was hit by a drunk driver, plunged down a 500-foot embankment and landed in the path of an oncoming train. While her daughter and friend were able to escape with minor injuries, Dianah was trapped in the car and hit by the train. Having been confined to a wheelchair since that time, Dianah has lived her life as a testimony to the fact that being in a wheelchair, while limiting, does not have to end your life. She has worked in the medical field for over 20 years and serves as a leader and an inspiration to her co-workers. She is a devoted member of her church and answered the call two years ago to become an ordained minister. Dianah also volunteers her time serving on the board of LIFT (Ladies in Fellowship Together), a women’s non-profit ministry focused on building families and empowering women. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

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