Deanna Nichols

I intend to make every penny invested in me worthwhile and to turn the terrible experiences of my life into a positive influence on the lives of others. 

While I had lived through multiple traumatic events, I have come out the other side a warrior for the cause of saving our children and our communities from the scourge of abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction.”

Because she is a survivor of many traumatic life events, including abuse, a cycle of domestic violence, and the death of her daughter, Heather, at age 18, Deanna has a passion for helping deprived and at-risk people. The murder of her daughter and then the birth of her son, Michael, now five years old, drove her to end the dysfunctional, codependent lifestyle she was in, find a good job and finally…begin her education.

She volunteers at a homeless shelter, Lighthouse Baptist Church as a food distribution volunteer, and with the Sartec Volunteer Canine Search Dog Unit as a web coordinator. Having graduated from Calhoun Community College (top 10% of her class) Deanna will be pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree with a minor in Criminal Law at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. She plans to build a career helping others through Mental Health and/or Recovery facilities and programs.

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