Pamela Nealey

My passion is to help youth learn how to make decisions that will ultimately end in their success.

After struggling as a single mother to raise her son, Pamela decided to adopt a two year old daughter to give her a better life than she had been able to give her son, now 21. Having been a freshman at Chattahoochee Technical College for 5+ years, Pamela is determined to complete her Associates Degree. She then plans to attend Kennesaw State University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

Pamela’s passion for working with children led her to a job with the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Atlanta where she has served for more than 12 years. Once she completes her education Pamela aspires to higher levels of service with the Boys & Girls Club of America in the Training & Professional Development Department and someday as the Chief Professional Officer of a Boys & Girls Club organization.

Pamela is an advocate for youth and a community leader and has volunteered for organizations such as: Boys & Girls Club Professional Association (Scholarship Committee), Phi Beta Lambda at Chattahoochee Technical College, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority (Youth Advisor) and is the founder of the Dear D.I.V.A. (Dynamic, Intellectual, Virtuous and Admirable) Abstinence for Academic Success Program.

Quote from a student she helped:

“Ms. Nealey gives others the courage and hope to become something special in life as well as gives them a reason to believe there is more to life than what the eye can see.”

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