Delores Cabler

Continuing my education will allow me to connect the dots in my life.

Delores Cabler spent years making excuses, lying and cheating for her husband.  After her second child was born, she finally left him and found stability in a small town in Northeast Georgia. There, she embraced a wholesome community, got a job and an apartment. Unfortunately, her husband tracked her down and she became his “prisoner” of abuse and rape.  After two stillborn pregnancies, she ran away again, only to be found, and suffered through more beatings and rapes. She ultimately divorced her husband, and began to find healing while counseling bereaved parents and abused women. This became her passion and led her from volunteer work to a desire to become a primary care physician. Delores has been attending Belmont College part-time for the past three years and with the help of the Emerge Scholarship, plans to become a full-time student.

Empower a Woman

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