Leanne Foti

I want to learn as much as I can because when you stop learning is when you stop living.

After recovering from a five-year heroin addiction, woman pursues counseling to help others in her situation.

As a teenager Leanne experimented with drugs and became a heroin addict, which led to her incarceration. Three months after her release she became pregnant with her first child. A year after the birth of her daughter she relapsed back into drugs and lost custody of her daughter. She was once again consumed by drugs and incarcerated yet again. She gave birth to her second daughter who also was taken from her. It was during this time that Leanne “hit rock bottom” and decided to change her life. She underwent intensive outpatient drug counseling, earned a GED, gained employment as a waitress and enrolled in community college. Most importantly, she was granted custody of her children. Leanne has now been clean for five years. She mentors young, single mothers and also parolees. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work and criminal justice to become a social worker and addiction counselor.

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