Ausra West

Ausra's objective is to achieve a long time goal of completing her studies to attain her nursing degree after being a teacher for many years. Ausra came to this country as an immigrant child. Her mother and father fled communism in Lithuania and she and her older brother were born in a displaced persons camp in Germany. When her family arrived in the United States her parents did not speak English and her father only had a quarter in his pocket. But her family believed in hard work and quickly became successful citizens of the United States. After volunteering for a number of years as a third, sixth, seventh and eighth grade private school teacher (which allowed her to have the same hours as her children as they were growing up) Ausra took an evening class to become an Emergency Medical Technician, volunteered at her local Quick Response Unit and worked as a Personal Care Attendant for several neighbors all positions contributing further to her interest in the medical field. Caring for her disabled, widowed father-in-law in her home, twenty-four hours a day with the help of hospice until he died made her love the hospice program and increased her determination to become a nurse. After the passing of her father-in-law, Ausra's husband became disabled and her youngest son became a diabetic. In spite of difficult financial circumstances, Ausra was more committed than ever to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. She returned to school and has maintained a 3.73 average. Despite working and going to school, Ausra still finds time to volunteer at a local hospice and working as a part of her community Town Council Advisory Board. After receiving her Associates Degree Ausra will continue on to receive her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. As a nurse, Ausra is looking forward to many years of being able to help her family and others in her workplace and her community.

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