Snezana Radnovic

In 1999, at 15 years old after her mother passed away and war erupted in Serbia, Snezana came to the US and was one of the 14,000 people who are trafficked in the United States each year. For six years she was exploited, manipulated, mentally and physically abused. She was a victim of human slavery. The worst part of her situation and victimization was that it was her Aunt who was her captor. She was only permitted to attend high school for a short time until she was pulled out to work full time (9am – 11pm) every day. October 10, 2005 was the day she took her life into her own hands and ran away. She went to the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (FIAC) and told them her story setting off an FBI investigation. She began therapy and was able to establish contact with her father and brother in Serbia to get additional support and help. Through the financial aid she was able to obtain from the Florida Freedom Partnership she was able to start college as a full time student to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. While going to college Snezana also volunteers in the community as a part of PATH (Positive Alternative Therapies in Health Care), serving as the newsletter editor. She is also an active community volunteer as part of her membership in the National Student Nurses Association and the American Holistic Nurses Association.

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