Annette Lee

Annette got pregnant and married at 15 years old as a high school freshman and had to drop out in her sophomore year. As the years passed Annette would go through several bad marriages and divorces. Her second husband subjected her to intense physical abuse. Without a high school diploma she was only able to find very low paying jobs. Over the years she worked at many different things to support her daughter the best way she could, spending many years on state financial assistance and food stamps. Results of testing done while she was on assistance through the State of Ohio raised Annette's self esteem and showed her that, she had the intelligence, capability and drive to attain a higher level of achievement. This motivated Annette to obtain her GED in 1993 and sparked a dream of continuing her education by attending college.

Annette's first public job (age 16) was as a waitress, she made $1.00 an hour. At age 19 she became a heavy equipment operator in the coal fields of Ohio. In the early 80's,(age 21) when few women dared she enter the trucking industry, seventeen years later, she founded her own trucking business. In 2002 wanting to help others, Annette founded a non-profit, Feed My People, Inc a food bank and thrift store dedicated to helping the hurting, hungry and homeless. She received several community awards for her efforts.

Obtaining a degree would allow Annette to compete for a job that will allow her to contribute more to the finances of her family; to help her husband who had a heart transplant and her daughter who suffers from a rare spinal disorder. Annette is seeking to obtain a degree in the area of Social Services because of her deep desire to help others. She especially wants to help women better themselves and grow into all they can be. She wants to be an example to other women of what is possible. Annette's deepest desire is to help abused women learn how to avoid abusive relationships, raise their children not to repeat the pattern of abuse and to help them be all God intended them to be.


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