Gretchen Ward

Gretchen Ward is a single mother of eight children and they are survivors of twenty-five years in a religious cult and twenty-four years of domestic violence from an abusive husband. Despite their struggles Gretchen and her family are on the road to healing and don't feel alone or isolated anymore. An extensive recovery process has been necessary to bring the family to a place of safety. Gretchen is working to help her children overcome the hardships of their past by finding good educational environments where they, and she, can thrive. Gretchen is setting an example for her family about the ability to start life anew and to use education to reach your dreams. Gretchen started a home business with Nikken, Inc. as a wellness consultant and received many company honors for her business success. While she was working she continued to dream of "more" and wanting to continue her education. Gretchen returned to college in 2007 and has done well in school. She is looking forward to receiving her nursing degree in 2010.

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