Annette Lizzul

Annette Lizzul is a " long time survivor of AIDS and is committed to stopping the spread of HIV and helping other women who are too afraid to publicly show their face, due to stigma and discrimination." Annette was infected with HIV by her fiance in 1985 at the age of 23. She was told that she had, at best, 5 years to live. While Annette has faced innumerable challenges, she has overcome them through her determination, strength, courage, faith and strong family support. Annette has chosen the field of Political Science, since she believes that changing policy is the only way to help the environment, stop the spread of global warming and change the health care system. Annette is on currently on disability, but hopes that she will one day be able to go back work once she finishes her degree. While the cost of her medication is exorbitant and their toxicity often makes her very sick, Annette knows she must take them or die. This has left her very little funding to reach her educational goals. Annette is very involved in public policy. She has testified in Trenton, NJ and visited Washington, DC to lobby congress for more funding for healthcare and services for people with AIDS. Annette has enrolled in research studies at the Aaron Diamond Center for AIDS research and Rockefeller University to help the scientific community by letting them study her DNA/RNA. She also speaks at no cost to high schools, women's groups, corporations, the National Institute of Health and other community groups to educate people about HIV issues, the need for better health care and services and to dispel the myths and irrational fear associated with HIV/AIDS. Annette is on the Dean's list at University College. Annette has been featured on the cover and in articles in many publications where her untiring activism and her service as a role-model were recognized for raising AIDS awareness.

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