Tracie Barber

Tracie Barber currently works for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). After being out of school for twenty-eight years, Tracie has returned to school to pursue an Agri-Business degree. With this program she will be able to take courses in soil science, animal science, water and irrigation management, and other core classes which will allow her a better understanding of the Earth's environment and the challenges we are facing. This understanding will allow her to leverage her knowledge, compassion, empathy, and wisdom to make sound recommendations and have a positive impact on agriculture, water and environmental issues. In addition, this degree will help Tracie to further her career with the USDA. Tracie volunteered her time to serve as co-chair for 2 years for the Miracle Ride, an annual motorcycle ride to raise money for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Tracie also participated with other fundraising events to raise community awareness to address the needs of the children and staff at the Center. Tracie wants to serve as an example to all women that it is never too late to go back to school and realize your dreams.

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