Jennifer Canale

Jennifer Canale started college over 14 years ago, but quit to get married and work full time. Her marriage ended after discovering her husband's hidden addiction problems which depleted all of her savings. Determined to move forward, she returned to school and has maintained a near-perfect grade point average, in honors level courses and serves as treasurer for the college's honor society while working for a non-profit organization committed to science education and environmental conservation. She currently serves as a peer mentor at a community college, helping students not only learn about science but to also balance the pressures associated with busy school and work schedules, family obligations, and sometimes learning disabilities. She also volunteers at a rape crisis center where she helps to organize a yearly fundraiser and knitting hats for chemotherapy patients. She co-founded and serves as scholarship chair for a college organization dedicated to the support of at-risk, homeless, and foster care/emancipated youth seeking to obtain education and job skills. Through her internship last summer in Hawaii, Jennifer has found her true path in life: to become a science teacher and researcher in Hawaii, educating both children and adults at the community college level and giving them a chance to reach their educational goals. She has been accepted to Hawaii Pacific University and plans to major in Oceanography and International Studies and then continue with her master's degree in education.

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