Kizuwanda “Keisha” Brewer

Kizuwanda "Keisha" Brewer is a divorced mom of four. She currently supports her family of five on $14k and is on government assistance. She will shortly be moving to the Atlanta area to attend the Chattahoochee Tech culinary arts and food science program. An untrained culinary artist, Keisha owned a restaurant years ago. When her husband became abusive, she knew that she needed to relocate for the safety of her children. Shortly thereafter her 1-year old daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her kidney. Keisha became a student of the healing power of food, completely altering her daughter's and her family's diets to focus on health and the latest information on using food to assist with cancer recovery. She now feeds families of cancer patients at the local hospital, teaching healthy eating habits to help them with their children's recoveries. Her long-term goal is to have a healthy restaurant and to start a nonprofit organization for kids and families battling cancer to teach the healing power of nutritious food.

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