Ruth Harris

Ruth Harris Shortie spent many years struggling to find adequate assistance, funding and consistent school programs to help with her son's ADDH and dyslexia diagnosed when he was 18 months old. As a single mother with a limited education, limited income and no ability to send her son to a private school, over the years Ruth worked tirelessly to train herself on the latest information and self-help ADDH and dyslexia techniques but knew she needed more help. When her son was 16 years old she made up her mind to "stop being angry at the lack of money and support and decided to use her energy to help her son and help others." She founded Independent Living Housing, Inc. in 1998, a non-profit, community based organization that provides workshops for disabled students. Ruth is enrolled at Wayne County Community College seeking an Associates Degree and continuing education to enhance her speaking and writing skills to be more effective in running and expanding ILH to help many more children in the city of Detroit.

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