Whitney Magowan

Mrs. Magowan is now living in Houston, Texas and has spent the past four years as a volunteer with humanitarian/relief work in the U.S., Africa, and Afghanistan. Previously, she was a special needs teacher for five years. She is currently pursuing a nursing degree and plans to continue to support her family, community and abroad through a nursing career. Whitney has been involved with Special Olympics, the Salvation Army, and church youth leadership. In 1990, she received a "Who's Who of American High School Students" award. Mrs. Magowan is a wife and future mother who "wholeheartedly" believes her most positive life impact will be through helping others."

Whitney's Testimony

Dear Emerge Scholarships,
Your scholarship has enabled me the life changing step to grow and learn, as a woman and a student. Traveling the world and having seen the need for medical staff, I hope to complete an RN certification. I look forward to serving those less fortunate. Thank you for your beautiful generosity, you are helping fulfill my dream. Most Sincerely, Whitney Magowan

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