LaKanya Jacobs

  • Scholarship:  Emerge Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  Tom Hughes
  • School:  Troy University
  • Degree:  Psychology

LaKanya Jacobs was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Initially, she was not successful in school due to issues that resulted from sexual abuse by a family member. She says, "I was living but not yet alive!" Years later, LaKanya found herself a single mother after her son's father was killed by a drunk driver. Then Hurricane Katrina hit and destroyed her home. LaKanya made the difficult decision to move to Georgia – a new place without family support. Shortly after she moved to Georgia, her mother, who suffered from addiction to drugs and alcohol, was killed in a hit and run by a drunk driver. It was at that time that LaKanya realized the importance of her role as a caregiver. "My truest healing is coming from giving to others what has not been given to me." LaKanya was accepted at Clayton State University, where she will pursue a degree in psychology. She realized her talent for serving men and women who suffer from addictions after she began working in the mental health field. She knows that earning her college degree will help her break the cycle of failure in her family. She is committed to her family and instilling in them the value of education – LaKanya's oldest son is a freshman at Alabama A&M. She has also helped several families in homeless situations; she is not a part of a particular organization but works in her community when the opportunity presents itself. Following her current program, she seeks to obtain a master's degree. Her calling is to help girls in the sex trafficking industry. LaKanya wants to be a bridge of hope that makes the difference in the lives of others. Along with her books, she would like to also become a motivational speaker to survivors of domestic abuse. "I was violently abused and God gave me the strength to get out of that relationship and I want to help set captives free from their bondage."

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