Laurie Hucks

  • Scholarship:  Ann Lauer Kennedy Scholarship
  • Donor:  Pannonius Foundation in honor of Ann Lauer Kennedy
  • School:  Faithful Guardian
  • Degree:  EMT

Laurie Hucks counts her children as her biggest blessing. It is these two wonderful children, 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter, that have been her biggest motivators and top priority. "It is always my goal to make them proud," Laurie explains. Her story really starts in 2009 when she heard the words, "You have cancer." Her only thought was about making arrangements for her children to stay with her family for school while she underwent surgery. Losing the battle to cancer was not an option. Laurie went through surgery to remove the tumor and then started radiation, and finally completed chemotherapy. During this time, her children never changed their routine. She credits her life-changing decision to become a vegetarian for being five years tumor free. For the past eight years, Laurie has worked for a family physician and recently received a promotion to office manager. She is currently studying to become an AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician) and recently passed her national registry test for EMT. Laurie began a 13-month program in paramedic school on August 11, 2015, at Faithful Guardian. Laurie will serve as a paramedic for three years and then apply to serve as flight medic for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). In the future, she hopes to become a registered nurse (RN). She volunteers her photography skills to several non-profit organizations that help children with long-term illnesses. Bert's Big Adventure has contacted her to do their photography, which is a great honor. "I have been so blessed to have such a supportive family that has been by my side the whole way. I always said my dream job would be to be a flight nurse and a friend asked me, 'why does it have to be a dream?' She was so right. I have overcome so many obstacles and I am convinced that nothing will stand in the way of my dreams!"

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