Articia Hill

  • Scholarship:  Barbara Panton Honorary Scholarship
  • Donor:  David Panton and Ashleigh Graham in honor of Barbara Panton
  • School:  Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Articia Hill has been living independently since she was 15 years old. Her educational journey started very early, both inside and outside of the classroom. Growing up with a single mother, she learned how to be self-sufficient in her younger years. Articia's life took an interesting turn once her previously incarcerated father was released from prison. The first thing he did was to come and get his baby girl. From that point on, her father taught her many skills and life lessons. When Articia was old enough, she moved out. As she created a life for herself, she realized one thing was certain: she loved school and hated to miss even a day. Articia still has a passion for education and is currently attending Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Throughout the majority of her college career, she has maintained a GPA of 4.0, and received awards and scholarships for her academic achievements. Articia regularly takes time to do street outreach within the community, without any group affiliation. In doing so, she heads into areas where people are in need, such as [Woodruff Park] in downtown Atlanta. She provides clothing and food that she prepares at home. Her greatest accomplishment is gaining knowledge of The Creator and therefore gaining an even deeper understanding of self. Articia is quoted as saying, "You can give me a million dollars, but if I don't know who I am, it means nothing."

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